energy efficientdesign5Installed in homes or commercial buildings with the following advantages:

  • Comfort and convenience: Main control is operated through touch screen and remote control is available from your mobile or PC anywhere via the Internet.
  • Energy saving: Stop unnecessary consumption and  save energy (eg lights outdoor during day time)
  • Safety: Switches are wired with low voltage harmless to humans.
  • Flexibility: Any additional functions to the system can be made easily by reprogramming the system.
  • Reliability: The materials are industrial materials tested in difficult working conditions.


  • Lighting Control
  • Electric shutters
  • Control of HVAC. Control heating - underfloor heating – cooling
  • Monitoring and logging events, errors and statistics
  • Security antitheft systems-fire-CCTV
  • access control systems in rooms or areas
  • Remote operations
  • Energy savings
  • Development of specialized automation applications
  • Monitoring energy consumption and load
  • lamp1