hotelink main screenHotelink is a modern software for hotels which saves energy in room's power consumption, controls, access and provides central automations' conveniences from the main pc in the reception.

Access control

The main function of hotelink is controlling and logging access of occupants and staff in the rooms and other auxiliary spaces in a hotel (e.g. gym, parking, saouna, internet room, storages etc) timely according.

Every ilock can be programmed with 10 different ikeys that they can be time independent or not. Ikeys can be assigned to customers, housekeeping and maintenance staff and can access multiple ilocks. For example housekeeping staff can have access to storages, rooms. We can specify the above ikeys types:

•Customer (first,second,third)


•housekeeping/maintenance staff



Ilocks are state of the art, they even use them in banks due to their safety specs. Approaching ikey to ilock hooks on it, because it is magnetic and makes the door open (according to time restrictions) or to switch the main electric relay.They also have LED that state when a room is occupied.

Fire detection

A fire detector can be attached to ilock. Fire detection also can be triggered by the temperature sensor of ilock.

hotelink room screen

Room automations

The system gives us main control from the reception pc. We can see real time presence of the client - housekeeping/maintenance staff , in-out temperature, open doors - windows, lights on. In every room we have control of three different lights: outdoor, indoor and porch. So we can create programms to switch them on and off 

according entrance or exit of the customer or day restrictions. We control the A/C also according to the state of the doors or windows of the room. Each ilock is ecquipped with 4 inputs and 4 outputs. So we can attach all the local sensors of a room( bath alarm, door and window closed switches, fire detection e.t.c.) and supervise them on the reception pc.

Central automations

Central automations are similar to room automations adding the capability to group functions per building, floor e.t.c. So we can control night lights (according to motion sensors or not), start an electric generator or watering the gardens e.t.c.

hotelink program

Anti-theft alarm

Having connected door and window closed switches to a room we can have a sophisticated antitheft alarm that can be armed with the departure of a client and we can be informed through the reception pc.

Logging capabilities

Main supervising control. All the entrances-exits, bath-alarms, fire detections, lights can be logged and recalled through easy menus.

In pc reception we can see : Occupants room name , room clean or not, presence, doors or windows closed, bath alarm, fire detection, antitheft alarm , room temperature and light state. We can optionally put touch screens in some points so they can be accessed from the staff.

hotelink settings page

ilock internal1

ilock internal2

ilock external