touchlink main●Changing the standards in the automated concrete mixing

●Discover the ease of use of a touch screen●Meet TouchLink... advanced technology in the tip of your fingers!

TouchLink is a powerful automation suite for concrete mixing that can be operated through a touch screen. The unit has less moving parts that could cause a malfunction, simple to use, affordable, without a drawback in functionality. Replacing the weight indicators, switches, light indicators, plus the wiring with on screen prompts incorporated in the mimic diagram of the mixing site, introduces a great advantage.

●Simplicity and Functionality.

TouchLink is simple but yet so powerful. The screen can be easily modified so that it meets the needs for every concrete mixing site, regardless of the mode of operation even if dry loading “on the fly” is required. The program supports 16 ingredients and stores 250 different compositions along with 100 vehicles. It also prints statistics regarding all sorts of different parameters and can be linked with a data base via a computer with the use of BatchLink software.touchlink menu

TouchLink is interconnected with a P.L.C. (so is its printer) and with hard drives or other storage devices that can introduce hardware malfunctions. In other words uninterrupted operation of automated loading is guaranteed. The touch screen has a protection rank IP67 which certifies that it is dust and weather proof. A special attention is given in the weighing of materials. Prior to the beginning of each weighing cycle a check routine is performed for the maximum possible load and for the auto correction of the amount used for every ingredient by utilizing a special algorithm. Additional security measures coexist such as the maximum water to cement, additive to cement and mass to m3 ratio. Alternatively you can make your own manual adjustments to achieve a desired result or even lock the system from any outside intervention.

●Fully modifiable

In contrast with other systems built only for one task, TouchLink is quite diverse.Customizable for your needs. Programmable timers are supported in easy self explanatory menus.

● Ease of use

Select a specific composition, choose the quantity and click “execute”, it’s that simple. Forget about the stroking of numerous keys for a task to be completed. In a fully Greek index and command screen with many help dialog boxes, you just click and continue. With more than 90 screens prompting you for anything that could go wrong as well as ways of dealing with any obstacle. Start or stop a production, click on a transfer band to operate it or even on a scale to empty it, spot any faulty fuse, it was never that easy.

● Simplicity starts from installation…

Upgrade your system with TouchLink. It’s fast and easy and obtain all the advantages with the smallest cost possible.

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