BatchlinkBenefit from SAT Batchlink and simplify the way you work. Significantly reduce the production and distribution cost, effort and improve the quality of your product with ReadyMix.

SAT Batchlink  is a software for production and management, for concrete mixing industries. Designed for Microsoft Windows OS. The program is versatile and fully modifiable and even capable of processing a large amount of data.

The mimic diagram’s representation depicts in real time the task performed in the plant. Within a few clicks of the mouse the operator can select the desired concrete type and quantity. With only one click, the loading of all necessary ingredients can be performed with no further intervention.

The scaling grid (cement, water, additives, sand etc) is controlled digitally through an RS-422/RS-485 communication protocol. The weighing of ingredients is performed with a great accuracy, since the software receives feedback by the scales in real-time.

Optionally you can start an automatic batch through simplified menu from the hmi, without using the pc. It is advisable for people who don't know how to use a computer.

Batchlink also provides:

•Multiple Queues of orders.

•Printable records of all orders, regardless of the date they were completed.Batchlink batch creation

•Daily production records of the materials used.

•Costumers' records.

•Continuous screening and correction of each production cycle so that overall diversion is


•Ability to record all orders even if performed manually.

•Fully modifiable through a great number of instruction screen shots without the need of an on-site   

  visit of our technicians.

•ReadyMix can be incorporated in a network and even remote controlling is possible

•Humidity sensors in sand, silos and mixer can give feedback to the system in a manner ofbatchlink list of orders

  controlling the water needed for the mixture.

•All data can be exported in Access, Excel and ODBC formats.

Batchlink with HMI