FIREVesselink is a custom-made monitoring and alarm system for collecting real time data about the operation of vessels, fleets and onboard equipment. It protects your investments and can provide proper maintenance of equipment.It can be fit on vessels worldwide, 90 feet to over 200 feet.

We can monitor fire, flood, intrusion, temperature, relative humidity etc. Operation of equipments such as pumps, refers and electrical systems. we gather real time data from any sensor in the ship.ELECTRIC

SCADA systems (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) are far more efficient and capable of monitoring fleet and vessel integrity, as well as getting an alarm out, than crew, and they need no support. Whether at harbor or at sea, SCADA technology will give you confidence that vessels will be monitored correctly and find maintenance staff automatically if the need arises, saving you time and money; appropriate staff will have at their fingertips real time data for sound decision-making, record keeping, and reporting wherever they are.